Home of the Ham of the Year 2016!
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    Smoking. For the betterment of society

    Smoking. For the betterment of society

    This week we won an award - a very exciting one for us here at AB&D – NZ Pork’s Ham of the Year.

    The lads at the butchery take great pride in their ham. Former butcher Ross Hunt instilled the virtues of old style ham making in the present team who have perfected it from there.

    Roam the streets of Akaroa and you’ll find a fragrant smoky haze settles over Rue Lavaud as the 103 year-old smoker puffs away at the back of the butchery. Despite the hand scrawled ‘smoking in progress’ sign on the street many a well-meaning passerby has taken it upon themselves to call the fire brigade. Understandably, the Akaroa fire department enjoys their Christmas ham free of charge.